How often should I clean my vents and returns?
It is recommended that you clean your vents and cold air returns every 1-2 years. It is recommended that you have this service performed more often if you have pets, children, or a busy home where you are in and out often and therefore bringing in more pollutants from outside into your home.

How often should my furnace be cleaned and inspected?
Both the Environmental Pollution Agency (EPA) and your furnace manufacturer recommend having your furnace cleaned and inspected annually. According to the EPA 'A buildup of .042 inches of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%'.

How often should I have my clothes dryer vent cleaned?
We recommend to have your clothes dryer cleaned every six months. This will greatly increase and maintain your dryer's efficiency.

Does it really matter if my Heating and Air Conditioning System is dirty or not?
Dirt build-up cannot be prevented and must be removed. Dirty inside a-coils filled with pet hair, construction debris and grime will greatly increase energy costs. Dirty or damaged fins on the outdoor condenser could be costing you money too.
A dirty, non-maintained, heating and air conditioning system can easily increase electric costs by 20-30% annually and cause early equipment failure. A dirty heating and cooling system will also generate an average of $500 in repair bills over the first 5 years and rapidly escalate as time goes on.

Will I have to wait around all day for you to show up?
No. We schedule in 2 hour increments. Our technicians will arrive on time at the scheduled appointment time. There is not a window of time when he might show up. On the rare occasion when we are running late, you will know well in advance.

Will there be any hidden charges?
There are never any hidden charges. You will know what the final price is before the air duct cleaning technician begins performing any work. Our technicians will perform a "walk through" with you and count up all of the vents and cold air returns in your home. They will also inspect your furnace and dryer vent and advise you on which services they believe are necessary and let you decide what you would like to have done.

Do you cover the registers?
Yes, we cover all of the registers for maximum suction.

Is my house going to get dusty?
No, the vacuum remains inserted in the vent lines throughout the process. You should see just the opposite. Most people notice a significant decrease in dust after their air ducts have been cleaned.

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